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Start • Run • Finish  Ministries Inc.


Start the Race. Run the Race. Finish the Race.


The church of today needs reminding that the Christian life is one of journey and destination: If you have started the race, then run it, for only those who finish the race are qualified for the prize. 


Start • Run • Finish Inc. builds up the local church through education, teaching, counseling, and leadership development in order to encourage faith in Christ and grow believers towards a biblical theology.

  • This mission is accomplished through our teaching ministry, homeschooling classes, mission trips, and

  • It is our desire to one day provide full time lead pastors with a 4-12 week sabbatical while our ministry trains the lay leadership and preaches in his absence. The purpose is renewal for the pastor and an opportunity for the church to receive teaching on topics such as Church History, the Authority and History of the Bible, and the Spiritual Disciplines.


Statement of Faith

Our statement of belief can be taken from any board member’s home church, where they are members. For example: who have based theirs on the Abstract of Principles.


More information, including Board of Directors, click here.

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