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Christian Philosophy Home School Course

Note Taking 1
Note Taking 2

Upcoming Assignments 1st Semester

8/19 First day of class, bring your notebook and paper Bible.

8/21 WEDNESDAY (normally we will meet on Mon. 8am-9:30 and Thur. 12:30-2pm, but this week we will meet on Wed. instead of Thurs., still at 12:30)


          Reading Quiz 1 on "Introduction, p6-9" 

          Reading Quiz 2 on "Before Socrates, p11-19"

          SM Colossians 2:3 "In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and 


8/26-9/6 No class

9/9  Reading Quiz 3 "Socrates, p20-23"

        HW 1: Read Acts 17-18 and write down a list of all philosophical words

        HW 2: 1-3 page personal testimony.   

        HW 3: When can an argument be logically sound, but wrong, according to I 
                 Cor. 13?

        EC (Replace lowest Quiz): Memorize HC Q&A1

9/11 (EXTRA DAY) Reading Quiz 4 "Plato, 24-31"

         SM Quiz Colossians 2:6-9

9/12  Reading Quiz 5 "Aristotle, p32-39" 

          HW: Review class notes taken so far for 20 mins.


9/16  Reading Quiz 6 - Written Summary of pages 40-47, see Handout

9/19  HW: Ravi Z. Sermon: Write down a paragraph summary with key words
                                              (Due at end of class)

          Quiz on GR and SR.

9/23 & 9/26 NO CLASS =)


  1) HW: Read two articles handed out in class and write a paragraph for each article. The paragraph should include a summary of what the article is about and what you learned.  Articles can be found here: Apology & Beware ... (by Geisler)

  2) Continue to think through and come up with your own illustration for the necessity of a point of reference outside of a "closed system."

  3) For Class Discussion: Think through the word "idea." How would you define this word? Why are "ideas" important? What are some synonyms for "idea?"

  4) Test 1 will be Thursday, Oct. 3


10/3 Test 1

10/7 Decide and have in class, your copy of which book to read for Course Paper (Grading Sheet). Start lecture on Christianity and Philosophy. 


                  Read "Questions Jesus Asked,"
                  Read Augustine 23 Page summary of all his life, 

                  Read Augustine "Harmony of Gospels,"

                  Read "Verbal Fireworks,"

                  Read Chapter on Augustine (p49-53), in Magee book

                  Read Bio of Henry Bullinger with painting

                  Be prepared for reading quiz over only info from pages 50-55. The                        first question is (1) Did you read all the assigned reading?



        Read Medieval Philosophy, p 54-61.  Be prepared to answer these short answer questions from memory: "What is the teleological argument?  What is the cosmological argument? What is the ontological argument?"  Also be ready to answer other reading comprehension questions from this chapter. 


    Reading quiz on pages 63-71 and handout.



    Reading quiz on pages 74-81.

    Read the entire book of Ecclesiastes 

    Re-write your notes from class to be turned in for a HW grade.


     Reading quiz on Descartes (84-89), and Locke (102-109).



      Notes from previous two lectures re-written due as HW grade.

      Reading quiz on Berkeley & Hume (110-117).



      Reading quiz on Voltaire (121-123), and Rousseau (126-129).

      Read through your notes at least once.

11/4   Test 2

11/7 Bring Class Paper Book Review book to class for a quiz grade. You will be graded on having at least 3 chapters finished with a two sentence summary and evidence of reading the chapter based on underlining etc in the book.


11/11 Reading quiz Kant (132-137) & Legacy of .... (145 only).

11/14 Write a 3/4 - 1 page summary of East Vs. West (146-153).

11/18 Reading quiz Hegel (158-163) & Existentialism (208-213).

11/21  Book read (reading quiz).  

11/25 & 11/28 THANKSGIVING BREAK =)

12/2 First 2-3 pages (summary) due (no title page or grade sheet). (for HW)


12/5 Reading quiz Marx (164-171) & Nietzsche (172-179).

12/9           Paper due.     

                   HW on Kierkegaard due.

                   Paper Presentations (5-10 mins. with discussion) 

                   Review for Test 3

12/12 Test 3


Dead Poets Society Readings

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